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She is Yvette from Southafrica 

Cebu Mermaid Hopping | 세부 인어호핑투어 by waveme

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film Kanghee Rhee
Mermaids Laurie Lloyd, Ivan Nikolic, Jensen, Mae, June, Instructor from Boracay mermaid swimmig academy
tour instructor : Hyungsung Kim, Dive instructor : Gyeongryeol Yu
Japanese subtitle : Jiyo from chiba, Japan, Blakey bear from Kansas
music : Conner Youngblood - A sumersong from Sketch Pt.2 album

촬영지 : 술파 아일랜드, 날루수안 아일랜드, 막탄 콘티키 정어리 포인트, 보라카이 화이트비치, 보라카이 인어 수영 아카데미_필리핀



The messiah will come again 
- Roy Buchanan 

Just a smile 
Just a glance 
The Prince of Darkness 
he just walked past 
웃고 힐끗거리고 있을 때 
어둠의 왕자가 과거로 가 버렸다. 

There’s been a lot of people 
they’ve had a lot to say 
But this time 
I’m gonna tell it my way… 
많은 사람들이 있었고, 
많은 사람들이 말해 왔지만 
지금 나는 나의 방식으로 말하려 한다. 

There was a town 
It was a strange little town they called the world 
It was a lonely, lonely little town 
그들이 세계라고 부르는 낯설고 작은 마을이 있었다. 
외롭고 고독한 작은 마을 

Till one day a stranger appeared 
Their hearts rejoicied 
and this sad little town was happy again 
어느 날 낯선 이방인이 나타나기까지 
그들의 가슴은 행복에 겨웠고 
작은 마을은 아주 행복했다. 

But there were some that doubted 
They disbelieved,so they mocked Him 
And the stranged He went away 
and the said little town that was sad yesterday 
It’s a lot sadder today 
그러나 그들은 그를 의심하고 불신하여 조롱했다 
그가 떠나가자 마을은 점점 더 슬픔 속으로 빠져들었다. 

I walked in a lot of places I never should have been 
But I know that the Messiah, 
He will come again… 
나는 예전에 가보지 못했던 많은 곳을 가 보았지만, 
나는 그가 메시아이며 그가 돌아올 것을 알고 있다. 

near Selakova Poljana,  karlovac

"There are a few shortcuts to paradise. dying right after you get baptised, and also this. / I must say, paradise is not as nice as advertised. I’m starting to wonder if its worth all the purity. or maybe paradise is personalized and we invaded someone elses. I wouldn’t like to meet that person I think."

_Ivan Nikolic