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the sleeping experiment

"this is what I will do. I will make sounds, tones, rythms, right after sleep, before I talk to anyone, before I’m really awake" - IDA Grändås-Rhee, NOV,2011

after 366days, the sleeping experiment has reached 16h27min32sec and been heard at festivals, in films, installatioins, with modern dance, in commercials, on stage in remixes.

이다 그랜도스-리의 ‘the sleeping experiment(수면실험)’ 사운드 프로젝트가 시작된지 366일, 음원은 총 16시간27분32초 분량이 되었고 프로젝트 기간중 음원들은 페스티벌 공연, 영화, 설치예술, 현대 무용가들의 공연, 상업영상등의 배경음악으로 사용되었고 그외 수많은 무대와 타 아티스트들의 작품들과  리믹스되어 공연되었다. 

"Ida Grändås-Rhee finished her Sleeping Experiment. Time to wake up!" - Mandy Mozart 

 [Today] IDA Grändås-Rhee ‘the sleeping experiment’ reached 16h27min32sec, after 366 days ” - Kanghee Grändås-Rhee

check out more about ‘the sleeping experiment’ and listen here: 



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'Classic Funky' fashion brand Englox 2012 look book making video

at AB-STUDIO with Kihun Park who is Vogue Girl Korea house photographer and the best staffs

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