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I am KangHee, Rhee.
a/k/a Ahopsi·아홉시. Lives and works in Seoul. I take pictures. Contents Producer based on Seoul, Korea and some of island in the streams. currently in *Croatia
Founder of WÄVE International EX @ Myspace Korea, SM Entertainmet, TravelRo team

check official web *Publish9.com

I'm not "Artist" Technically I support "Artist" and I also support me.

"I love you (in theory)"

*Ask me anything or email me.
*Rheekanghee [at] Gmail [dot] com

아홉시의 어디서 자고다니나에 대하여 쓰는 사진에세이 WheredidyousleepLast night APR.2012 월간이리에서 만나보세요. / My sleeping project WheredidyousleepLast night APR.2012 Published on [Monthly YRI magazine] click. read. and make out / Min sova projektet Where did you sleep Last natten APR.2012 Publicerad den [månad YRI tidningen] klick. läsa. och hångla